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02.20.2013 , 07:15 PM | #65
There are really only two things that annoy me that I've found since I've begun to PVP (only recently. And for the record, I'm a subscriber).

1: Leaving a lowbie on guard duty at a node/cannon/hypergate terminal. More often than not, only one person is left behind; sometimes two. Rarely are they in the 40s. Most of the time, they're between lvls 10-19. Whenever I've been on guard duty (even as a level 24 at times) this is usually what happens: I sit there for about five minutes, reading the Ops chat about what to do. Most of its pretty "professional", in that they're keeping an eye out for each other. Damn good in my books.

From what I can tell, Lowbies tend to pull guard duty to get those Defender points; that's why I do it, but I like to attack, too. So I mix it up nowadays. But every time I've been a defender, the other Ops team sends only one person, sometimes two: a tank, and sometimes a healer, at level 35-50. You can be geared damn good all you want, but considering the attacks that can be used by higher up players, Even if you can cause a bit of damage (whether your guarding on your own or you have one other person there for heals), the result is the same: you're ****ed. Now, if I see a level 50 coming, I type a quick message like: "Incoming at node! Backup!" Then I try to kick as much *** as possible. Usually once I respawn and get back to the node, teammates are their and I rejoin the brawl. Now, maybe the people leading the teams are usually ones who attack and don't know this factoid about guard duty. Considering you earn more XP by being involved in the grand melee of player characters, I can see why that would be. But its still a bit irritating to be a 20, knowing you're about to get your *** kicked because the other team is going to send someone 20 or more levels above you to take that node and they've scouted ahead for intel (since I've seen stealth fellas at times but they never attack, I figure that's what they were doing).

Now the second thing isn't so much a peeve as a bit of confusion to me. Now, from what I figure, a character whose level is grayed out will not earn you points or commendations, just like in the PVE segments. So I tend to attack them only when they go after me, and I don't bother with them afterward. However, I've noticed some players in the 40s tend to actively hunt down people who I'd be assumed are gray for them (10-25, roughly) to fight. Now, am I wrong? Do these kills actually earn XP and commendations? I can't think of any other reason, other than they don't want a challenge and maybe they got their asses kicked by high-end players when they were lowbies and are, for one reason or another, returning the favor.