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Well, I'm just glad that I found this thread just now.

'Cause I'm not a frequent player in SWTOR for a number of reasons. Damn, I still have only one lvl 50 char - my tankassin - with mix of Tionesse, old Champion, even some recruit gear. That was enough for usual PvE, while I was leveling up other chars...

So, I didn't play my tankassin from... mmm... November, I think. Then, the event come and I decided to take this char back to the action, with all this curious stuff...

First, I had to solo-tank 8m Xeno. Then, it was 16m Xeno. A couple of wampa WB's...

And then I've encountered one of your kind, ppl... I had to switch to DPS mode (for a wampa again) just because one of the laughing, hard-worked, blah-blah-blah, kept whining for about 20 minutes that we need more tanks because "that guy still running outdated PvP gear..."

Ok, it's pretty late at my place and I'll try to sum up - in Gree event, Wampa, Worm and even Xeno SM can be carried with some players not in complete "at least columi" gear. It depends on skill, teamwork and a bit of luck. But most ppl from this thread don't want to take a risk, as I see.

I do not pretend to run HM's with this gear, but c'mon... kicking out player from SM's?
TY for proving my point, the problem is that many people expect gear to compensate for skill, but at the end of the day skill trumps gear.

Example: me and two other level 35s back in Dec 2011 got attacked by a level 50. We cc'd him back and forth and won. Why? Because despite having better gear he was a terrible player and we weren't. Skill trumped gear that day as it has on many a day since.
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