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Idiots in glass houses annoy me.

Also, I never see people treating each other like this is a pick-up game of basketball at the Y.

I can see it now... our point guard spends the entire game yelling at us to "Dribble! DRIBBLE! YOU *****HOLE!"

And then our forward says "I'm outta' here" and just disappears from the court.

It's just a game. We are playing this for fun, right?
You and I must not play at the same Gym...

People show up at the Y near me and cant dribble or pass dont see the court again...ever.

The good players dont quit, they just never pick the crappy player up on teams. ever again.

In this game there is no option to just not let them play, so sometimes taking a steaming dump on their head in chat is the only thing left.

Or, just leave the WZ yourself since staying would drive you mad.
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