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Hmmm, Triumvirate Tri Battle... could be interesting... but I think I'd rather spread those guys out a little rather than have similar powerbases fighting against one another. Traya would also have the advantage of possessing extensive knowledge of her opponents, whereas Sion and Nihilus barely understand her.

Oh and seeing as Aurbere's going into debate mode () this is how the fight would actually go down. Sion thinking himself 'da boss' would storm the Ravager's bridge and attempt to kill Nihilus, an attack that would fail miserably. Nihilus would come to Malachor and find Traya is not there. Traya is in fact in orbit (she expected an attack/saw it in a vision) while her assassins have just triggered the Mass Shadow Generator - bye bye Nihilus.

But back on topic... can we think of any matches for Sion and Nihilus? (Separately or possibly together)
I wasn't in debate, just giving my opinion. Had I been in debate mode, I would have said that Traya would win. I like Nihilus more that Traya

Sion vs. Baran Do (they have Plo Koon! )? Sion vs. Malgus (as in Malgus and the Sith at the Jedi Temple)?

As for Nihilus. I have no idea, we would have to exclude the om nom ability no matter what, though.
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