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02.20.2013 , 03:57 PM | #26
Probably won't get in answer for this but won't this basically make existing pvp gear pointless? Will War Hero be completely removed from the game? As it is now why even bother getting war hero at all if the bolster adds expertise now it means that the top tier pvp gear is the best gear and anything else is pointless.

Also how will the new gear be earned? If it is by existing comms methods it will make me sad. Getting elite war hero as of now is a waste and a major grind if not simply impossible because you can't solo queue for ranked warzones. The entire pvp gearing system as it stands is convoluted and needs a total overhaul. It just seems contradictory for them to say they are trying to make the pvp system more skill based and fair when at the same time stating that new pvp gear will come out and without diminishing returns in place if you don't maximize expertise with the best gear you will still be at a significant disadvantage especially if bolster stops adding expertise at a certain level.

EDIT: After seeing the new post, I'm still wondering will the stat increases be linked to player level with different tier gear at 50 and 55 with a common pvp currency or will their still be a differentiation between gear requiring valor or ranked levels.