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Its interesting that people say there will never be another WOW.

At one point there was never going to be another NWN, there was never going to be another EQ, yet WOW still came. I admittedly never played WOW, but that was because by the time WOW was released I had already spent so much time in EQ, and EQ had just become a nonsensical grind fest after the release of Velious. I want dragon faction to dragon quests, oh wait now the guild wants giant faction for giant quests.

This game could be EQ good, it really just needs some slight tinkering. The problem is that tinkering would probably make the game more difficult, which just isnt allowable in todays market.
Valid points, but not everyone enjoyed or would have enjoyed EQ. I'm 34 years old, I work full time, I have a wife and family obligations, and other hobbies. I would never pay for a sub to any game that involved long spawn camps, taking forever to accomplish anything, onerous death penalties, corpse runs, etc. I know some people like that type of gaming experience, and that's cool. But I would not like it at all, and would promptly cancel my subscription.

I like to log in, be run an op with guild mates, maybe a flashpoint, run an alt through story. Some gamers would consider me wanting "instant gratification" or EZ mode. And they would be right. I want to log in and do something. I might have only an hour or two to play, and its rare for me to have a 3+ hour stretch to play without interruption. When I was 17 I could play games for hours on end, but I can't now. I do not want to waste any of my time camping a spawn point or regaining lost xp from a death or anything like that.

I'm not saying all players are like me, but I suspect (not based on empirical evidence, mind you, just an opinion) that taking this game in the direction of UO or in any way back to the ways of the old hard-core MMOs would result in many players quitting. I can't say that is a fact, but I can say it is a fact that I would stop playing.