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Thanks for responding. However, if I'm interpreting your response correctly, that means that top end PVE gear would receive none or next to none expertise. This, as you put it, would put us somewhere between "introduction bolster" level and top end PVP gear in power, but only on damage output. The damage reduction provided by expertise cannot be replicated by any PVE stats, and thus PVE gear would still be far inferior to PVP gear. Now, I don't think any PVE'er would try to argue that their gear should be equally viable in PVP as PVP gear. However, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect it to be at least competitive by performing as good as PVP gear a tier below it (i.e. DG, which is equivalent of EWH, performing at WH level in PVP). Thanks
If pveers wasn't too PvP competitively, I think they should have to get PvP gear. Pve gear is so easy to get. You can get your specific mod crafted for pve where in pvp you have to grind several pieces to get one piece hire you like it. If you ask of a sudden make pve gear competitive for PvP, it won't sit week with the people who have spent days weeks and months even getting their gear how they want it.

Also, I could see this bringing in a lot of PVers to PvP to farm mats and not to win the match. This would add to the frustration pvpers already have.

So, please tell me you are not making pve gear as good as our even just slightly worse than ewh.
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