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What's being sad here is the following, as I see it personally:
a) There will be no point not to have maximum expertise anymore, as by eliminating DR they effectively eliminate that slight possible advantage you could get by stacking up power/endurance with crystals and/or 63 mainhand barrels/hilts. Unless the gains will be reworked from scratch to the point of being considerably lower than they are right now or there is a hard cap introduced.
The problem I'm seeing here is that while grinding up to that maximum expertise, you will (probably) be severely gapped against someone who is already at max, and that would throw us back to the past where we had up and coming players being unhappy about being dominated by those who have already reached their maximum. Again, it is hard to be certain without operating any live numbers, but if we consider what's already been introduced to the game and the current feature implementation we can talk about possibility of such a gap.
Another interesting thing to note is that by making everyone max out on their expertise, all the players will be pretty much "equal" statwise, whereas right now some variety exists. If the plan is exactly how it seems right now, going for any pve mods would be counter-productive, just as well as being lower-than-maximum expertise.
Personally I see this as a good thing, because for PVP to become entirely skill based, there shouldn't be a random factor of one playing being superior to the other solely due to having a better equipped character. Equalization would make people think more of how they use their skills rather than what number pops up when they go all out with their most powerful attacks. In this case though I'm not entirely certain what would the point of expertise still be. If it's the equalization that is the goal, then simply discarding expertise and going with pve gear would produce the same effect as if everyone maxes out on it.
b) Bolster is another interesting change, and what immediately caught my attention was "what we think is the entry level to pvp". One thing that's been proven other the last months is that Bioware's understanding of pvp differs from players in a variety of ways, so I'd recommend to be careful with something like your feelings.
Another interesting sentense is "Additionally, the bolster system will now grant players expertise when it feels it is necessary, bringing our entry-level power gap even closer to the end-game PvP power." Which seems to be Bioware's answer (again, I might be thinking too deep into things) to the current layer of "problematic" players who completely neglect the need of expertise, use pve gear and things like that. Obviously, I don't think this is intended for pre-endgame, thus Bolster would apply to endgame pvp from now on (perhaps only in the expertise field, but who knows).

All in all I can't say I'm not excited about the changes, I just hope that it doesn't put us back months in the past with the huge gaps between the players. Latest gear changes brought some stability to pvp, and I wouldn't like it to change for the worse. PVP in this game is fragile, and any change should be approached with care.