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I am saying that this is a misleading rule because the defenders, if they are good, will ALWAYS halt a transition. The alternate situation (them not halting you) never happens. Unless you are playing against a bad team, there will never be an opportunity to just stun and CC the defenders as you take a door. The Ops/Sins/Sorcs/Mars will just mess up the transition and eat time.

Your other rules are (more or less) universalizable regardless of the skill of the enemy team. Against both good and bad teams, you always want to time your kills on offense, protect the door intelligently on defense, and be aware of the respawn timer for both (yes, there's more to it than that, but I am just summarizing).

But the transition rule should just be "Kill the defenders" instead of "Kill the defenders if halted"; they will ALWAYS halt you unless they are bad. If they are bad, your killing them isn't going to make you lose the match. If they are good, attempts to halt them are just going to waste your own offensive clock. If players waste their time trying to CC good defenders, not killing them immediately, the defenders will have that much more HP with which they can work to mess up the offense.
I understand the points you are making.

Let me start by stating that this guide is not specifically for RATED teams; it is for PUGs and RATEDs alike.

That being said, let me say that I agree with you. If both teams are doing EVERYTHING they should be doing; Attackers should not be able to Transition through the map to the next bomb and arm it without being halted. Why is this? It is because Attackers and Defenders have equal advantage to progress to the bridge after the first set of doors have been armed (with the slight disadvantage to Defenders who die after during the 20 seconds that the bomb is ticking down since they will be in their respawn chamber), because both teams will have an equal amount of CC to use at their discretion.

So yes, two good teams versus each other will try to counteract each other.

Defenders will use CC to stop Attackers from progressing; therefore halting them.

Attackers will use CC to stall Defenders in order to Transition.

The fact of the matter is, teams are not doing EVERYTHING they should in order to give themselves the biggest advantage they can get to prepare for a Transition. I've watched numerous Rated matches in which after a bomb is armed, Attackers and Defenders essentially split sides of the map and progress up opposite corridors to the bridge.

>Defenders down the corridor on the side opposite of the bomb that is armed.
>Attackers down the corridor on the side that the bomb was armed.

Attackers are too concerned with the bomb getting disarmed.
If a bomb ever gets disarmed, its a complete fluke. 3 Attackers should be able to hold off 7 Defenders from trying to disarm the bomb.
Defenders are too concerned with dying in the attempt to disarm the bomb or stall the Attackers from progressing right after the bomb has blown.
They will spawn without being able to try to stall the Attackers at the bridge because they spawn on the other side of the bridge.

I was going to include in this as I continued to beef up the guide, but you beat me to the issue.

As Attackers, you need to prepare for Transition Mode to begin.

Attackers should send teammates down both corridors. Attackers should never send everyone down one corridor in the attempt to choke the Defenders by the damage buff (by the bridge) because each team will be progressing up the map equally fast and Attackers will easily be halted if they try to CC Defenders at that late of a point in the Transition.

Attackers should try to CC/stall the Defenders at the door that was not armed as soon as the doors blow off.

Once again, Defenders do not want to go to the side that was armed because they will be afraid to die right after the bomb is armed because they will spawn and be out of the battle for an extended period of time. (this could actually work to their advantage ultimately, but will it lead to the Attackers getting the bridge quicker.)

So in the situation that Defenders try to counteract the Attackers stalling the side of the map that was not armed by sending Defenders to stall the side that was armed, at that point you will want to kill the Defender(s) that try to stall the Attackers. I rarely see this situation though it is the correct move for Defenders to make.

This will be explained in much more detail in the guide; such as what Classes would be best to send as Attackers to stall the Defenders on the side of the map that was not armed, what should you do as Attackers if the Defenders are alive and halt you at the bridge, what should you do as Defenders if you do stall the Attackers at the bridge, how Attackers/Defender should prepare for Transition Mode during the 20 seconds the bomb is ticking, etc.

So ktkenshin, in a short answer to: "I am saying that this is a misleading rule because the defenders, if they are good, will ALWAYS halt a transition." I will state that if both teams are doing as they should and are splitting up down both corridors, no good team will allow another team to Transition past the bridge without any interruption.

But until Defending teams prepare for Transition Mode by sending players down both corridors, Transitions will have a considerable percentage of being successful by Attackers. This is because Attacking teams do send people down both corridors because they realize even if they die it will be an advantage to them since they will spawn further ahead in the map.

So yes, if the 'accepted strategy' by all Rated teams changes from sending Defenders down the -safe side- to sending Defenders down both sides, Transition Mode will be hard to implement in RATEDs.

Thanks for bringing up some valid points for RATEDs!