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Your stupidity strikes us again.
I'm still waiting for you to describe how EVE Online is a such a massive failure when it's the only MMO to be running for so long and yet only have GAINED subs in the mean time.
This is definitely true, and you can't argue with it. The problem is that every major MMO release now wants to be the next WoW. There won't be another WoW unless Blizzard creates a WoW 2. EVE is a good example of a successful MMO that never was and never will be WoW, but they decided instead to make a niche game that would appeal very much to a certain type of gamer. The result is a loyal playerbase, but not a MASSIVE one. Just because an MMO doesn't have millions of subs doesn't mean it isn't a success, MMO players now judge all MMOs by whether or not they have have as many subs as WoW. None do, none will. EVE certainly doesn't--but it does what it does well and many players really, really enjoy it.

It comes down to this: do you want to make a mass-market game that appeals to as many folks as possible? That's great, but you have to understand that the more "mass-market, try to cater to everyone" you make a game, the fewer hard core players you will have that will stay for very prolonged periods of time. If instead you go into a niche and really try to be great at that niche then players that like that style will be very pleased. You might not get as MANY players, but many of the ones you get will stick around. Lots of people don't like sandbox, but lots of people do. EVE is pure sandbox, and there aren't many MMOs that cater to this market. So EVE has been a big success--not because it has 5 million players (it doesn't) but because the playerbase has sustained and even grown.