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It was so simple when it was just guilds or independent raid groups, now we have multiple raid groups per guild.....then Jballa dolla make him holla.....

Ascension 4/4 nim ec
Sov 4/4 nim ec
.......dunno after that cuz imp side is pathetic, pub guilds im sure have 3/4?

simplicity is amazing.
You really like to put down others don't you? From what I've seen with your own guild, you're in no position to pass judgement on others. But I suppose imp side should be grateful they have such pro players as you guys. I'm sure they must love it when you walk into warzones with zero expertise.

Sorry OP for the slight OT, but I'm getting tired of seeing the arrogance of this guild go unchecked. If they were actually decent players sure a little ego is bound to happen. But honestly they're not, its all talk. Have a good day gentlemen.
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