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So false

SWG (all 30k of them remaining at end) Want pre CU back

Truth is SWG lost subs just as fast as TOR does
The two games run very simular sub loss patterns and time lines actually

The good news for you is you get that game from all reports in Arch Age and guess we find out a year after its release how popular your Sandbox really is (If all the failed sandbox designs thus far havent convinced you)

Im not saying SW:TOR great btw.
Its not and im about done with game.
This event pushed me over the limit of my patience in waiting for things to get done right

But there IS a reason SWG did so many game change designs and it WASNT just to be like WOW (as the vocal few like to claim)
They had mass sub loss issues from the get go as well and were trying to patch the leaky ship
All these now rose colored glasses reviews you read here do NOT accurately describe the truth of SWG and the plethora of issues the game encountered and the constantly shrinking subscription pool of players.

TOR right now has ALLOT MORE subs then SWG had after its first year (But TOR drawing from a much bigger pool so thats not really the compliment it sounds like)

Fact is were still waiting for the Star wars MMORPG that captures STAR WARS FRANCHISE

TOR is WOW with a Star Wars shell
SWG was UO with a Star Wars shell
now if only a developer would make STAR WARS with a Star Wars shell

LOL, if SWG was even as remotely popular and profitable as you all claim
It would still be open and running and Lucas Arts would have scoffed at idea of closing it to make room for TOR
Your stupidity strikes us again.

The people who remained with SWG at the end were the ones who enjoyed the NGE.

The simple fact a MMO has never lost a bigger percentage of it's playerbase then the NGE did shows how dumb you are for using that as an example of how Sandbox games fail.

And no it is a fact the NGE was made to make SWG more like WoW. Those mass sub loses you talk about is ********.

ArchAge is just another craptastic Korean MMO in the making, anyone who believes otherwise is as clueless as you are.

And SWG was popular, as I said in a post you had to ignore because you can't counter any of it, it's the bugs that never were fixed and the only content that was being added was WoWified is what killed the game off.

I'm still waiting for you to describe how EVE Online is a such a massive failure when it's the only MMO to be running for so long and yet only have GAINED subs in the mean time.