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Yes we are if we ever want to become a community half of minecrafts than it i our responsibility to bring others into he game and help them get established in the game of 50 if no one did then what i swtor SINGLEPLAYER an MMORPG thats singleplayer. I have NEVER heard of that
There is a huge difference between carrying players and assisting them to improve. Nothing shuts me down from helping a person quicker than having them expect everything be handed to them. I'm more than happy to share what I know and what works for me. I've been fine with taking my over geared toons to lower FP/OP so a fresh 50 can get a jump start. But if they aren't trying to push themselves then why should I push for them?

Now I agree that people rush to judgment and just because they aren't putting up top flight numbers or holding agro quiet well enough in a very small sample size that they can get cast aside because "they are of no us to the group". Been on the short end of that stick before because I had an awful 1st night in a new guild. The ones who are willing to be a part of the community pick themselves up and get better and show that they have something to bring to the table. The ones who want to be carried find new people to carry them.