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Yes we are if we ever want to become a community half of minecrafts than it i our responsibility to bring others into he game and help them get established in the game of 50 if no one did then what i swtor SINGLEPLAYER an MMORPG thats singleplayer. I have NEVER heard of that
I think you're missing the operative word in Radzkie's post: "carry"

Carrying someone through an operation isn't the same thing as helping someone.

I myself have run a tremendous amount of pugs both in flashpoints and operations. I've given advice (and taken advice), helped people (and been helped), worked with massively overgeared players and woefully undergeared onces.

And yet, the one thing that annoys me in the player that is expecting to be "carried"

It's an attitude thing. Had the OP come to the forums looking for advice, that's a different story. Instead he provided a poorly-written hard-to-read block of text whining about Nazi's.

See the difference?