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Since you seem reasonably happy with PvE on your Juggernaut I'm going to focus on the PvP side of things. Please keep in mind though that I am not an expert at PvP. I enjoy it on my Juggernaut but more then 90% of my time is spent on the PvE side of the game.

I would not suggest making a Power Tech if you want to PvP tank (although they have a really, really good damage spec). Both from personal experience and from reading the forms I think they are the very worst PvP tank.

The Juggernaut vs Assassin is a harder question and comes down in part on what you want to do with your tank in PvP. The Jug is probably the best tank there is for defending a healer, where as the Sin is much more versatile and almost certainly better then the Jug when alone/without healer support. I feel both require about the same amount of skill and button mashing to be effective but are very different in why/what they need to be aware of.

There are a couple things going on that contribute to your feeling like a 10 second PvP tank, some of these get better and some will always be a problem. The first is that both the Jug and the Sin don't get some key abilities until the later levels.

The second is that enough focused fire will drop anyone quickly so there are times where your just going to take a dirt nap unless you have healer support. Here the Sin has the advantage because it has more escape options.

Finally gearing as a tank for PvP is very different then gearing to tank PvE content because of how the defensive stats work. Defense and Shield/Absorb only apply to Melee and Ranged attacks. In addition you will never shield a critical hit.

In PvE this is not a big deal because the vast majority of mobs attacks are Melee/Ranged and never crit. In PvP though many classes are based around Force/Tech attacks and there are a lot of classes that either automatically crit or have vastly inflated crit chances.

So in PvE you want to stack a mix of defensive stats (Defense, Shield, and Absorb) where as in PvP you need to stack Endurance and maybe Defense. I know as you're leveling up you don't really have a lot of optins for gear but once you hit 50 it will make a very big difference