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I state that if your Transition is halted, you should proceed to wipe out all Defenders. I stated the specific situation you allude to here:
I am saying that this is a misleading rule because the defenders, if they are good, will ALWAYS halt a transition. The alternate situation (them not halting you) never happens. Unless you are playing against a bad team, there will never be an opportunity to just stun and CC the defenders as you take a door. The Ops/Sins/Sorcs/Mars will just mess up the transition and eat time.

Your other rules are (more or less) universalizable regardless of the skill of the enemy team. Against both good and bad teams, you always want to time your kills on offense, protect the door intelligently on defense, and be aware of the respawn timer for both (yes, there's more to it than that, but I am just summarizing).

But the transition rule should just be "Kill the defenders" instead of "Kill the defenders if halted"; they will ALWAYS halt you unless they are bad. If they are bad, your killing them isn't going to make you lose the match. If they are good, attempts to halt them are just going to waste your own offensive clock. If players waste their time trying to CC good defenders, not killing them immediately, the defenders will have that much more HP with which they can work to mess up the offense.
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