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02.20.2013 , 01:49 PM | #137
Its an interesting thread and like many others my first serious MMO (EQ) is the one that had the most wonderment.

But EQ was also different in that there were very little handouts, especially pre-Kunark expansion. Hell levels, exp loss and some classes didnt even have quest armor. Raids of 50 people, complete wipes, having to find scattered bodies, camping rare spawns, etc. My most memorable moment is when I got my Epic weapon, but was it really worth camping Venril Sathir for like 7 days?

SWTOR is a fun game, but the risk/fear just isnt there like it was in EQ. That being said, I dont even know if I would enjoy EQ anymore. Part of me likes the laid back lifestyle and being able to level at a decent pace.