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Figured this would be interesting, a sort of what if Scenario. So anywhere here is my VS thread, pitting General Rieekan against General Veers only this time the Rebels have more in store for the approaching Veers and his Blizzard Force. Anyway lets get down to the rules...


1. Tech is the same as it is shown in the movies and EU(all of it)

2. Provide a reasonable explanation as to why either side could win, no just saying "so and so stomps because of tech, or troops or whatever".

Now here is listing what each person has at their disposal.

General Rieekan

He has access to the things in Echo Base, minus the X-wings/Y-wings/Falcon/Outrider.

Edit: Rieekan only had 4 Snowspeeders to use now, and the rebels only have their trenches no weapon emplacements however the Specforce still have their own heavy weapons.

Along with....

4 AT-APs=

2 HAVws=

2 MPTLs=

2 T4-B Heavy Tanks=

3 AT-TEs=

2 AT-XTs=

Specforce Wilderness Fighters(lets say 1,800 men)=

Also to those of you who question the Rebel SpecForces have a look...

The average SpecForce trooper was a few years older than a regular Rebel soldier, had above average physical and mental abilities and was dedicated to the Alliance and its cause. While they tended to be a little wild in their private lives, when in the field they generally were extremely professional. Like most Alliance soldiers SpecForce troopers were idealistic and committed to the Rebellion against the Empire, although they tended to be even more dedicated. A great number of them were former soldiers from the Empire.
SpecForce troopers were trained to use a variety of tactics, easily adapting to different environments and finding ways to take cover and hold a position in any situation. Hand blasters were standard for every soldier, but some divisions have been known to specialize in particular equipment for some of the more dangerous missions.
"The first lesson they taught us in drop camp - basic training for Alliance Special Forces - is that knowing what a weapon can and can't do is important, but the true measure of a soldier does not lie in force of arms. A soldier relies on skill, intelligence and good fortune. A poor soldier relies on a weapon... and weapons can always fail."
―Colonel Marck Linth, Alliance SpecForces (5th Regiment).
Basic SpecForce training included two months of weapons drill using blasters, heavy weaponry, hand weapons and slugthrowers.
Now moving onto the Wilderness Fighters strictly since this is there area.

SpecForce Wilderness Fighters, sometimes called Rangers were trained to use their terrain for the best tactical advantage in fighting. They were more mobile than their urban counterparts, and often equipped with A280 and A295 blaster rifles. Since there were so many different terrain types companies specialized for specific combat conditions: arctic, aquatic, jungle/forest, mountain, desert and plains. White-uniformed rangers, trained to work in cold terrain, were present during the Battle of Hoth.

Wilderness regiments were the only SpecForce branch to maintain repulsortank units without the involvement of other trooper specializations. They were trained to use heavy weapons and artillery to reduce their reliance on Heavy Weapon Specialists.
The Specforce also does have heavy weapons with them for this battle.

Edit: Also in Echo Base, Rieekan has 600 regular Rebel Troops just for base defense.

General Veers

He has access to Blizzard Force=

This includes

4 AT-ATs= the number, 9 was just way too many.)

A number of HAVws(lets just say he has 4)=

A number of AT-STs(lets say 6)=

A number of AT-ARs(lets say 2)=

A number of AT-PTs(lets say 4)=

A number of SnowTroopers(lets say an Imperial Regiment, so 2,500 troops.)

Now I know this is a lot to read, especially for Rieekan but was wanting to point out that the Rebel Alliance did have trained troops that could deal with the Empire.
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