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I'm always super nice and extremely courteous to my group mates. Anyone that has ever grouped with me and my guildmates can attest to that. My main concern is always keeping everyone alive by taking the brunt of the pull. I always work with new players to help them get on track and get better. That's the exact reason why I made this post in the first place. I was nice to the healer after the first pull. He got really defensive, but I ignored it. And after the second time I was even willing to move on to get it done, when I was voted. I'm a good player because I take responsibility when grouping. Obviously you would have to take me at my word, but it seems most are not willing to do that, bashing is so much more fun it seems.
Arguing that you have used force speed in the past to close the distance to the mobs before they pulled and that previous groups have survived your poorly thought out plan of stealth attacking this pack in the past does NOT change the fact that standing around doing nothing while near this pack while in stealth will cause the droids to spot you and pull your group into combat.

If you had said to the group or even to others in this thread something like "Well I didn't realize these droids did this, I'll be more careful next time and gee, it might have been my stealth that pulled the group", no one would be telling you to learn to play and to stop being bad.

But you didn't say that. You have continued to say some variant of "Wasn't me, was the healer, the rest of the group was bad" even though I and others who know this pack have pointed out the two elite droids in that group have a passive stealth detection ability.

So all that is left at this point is to ask you to LEARN TO PLAY and to STOP BEING BAD or risk getting kicked again in the future when you do something dumb and refuse to learn or even admit it just might have been your mistake.