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To elaborate: it sounds like you're not familiar with zoning in to a flashpoint or operation from the appropriate 'door' on fleet. This is an alternative to using group finder. It is the only way to do Story Mode 16man operations, Hard Mode 8/16 operations, and Nightmare Mode 8/16 Operations (EV/KP/EC).

To do one of these operations, you start with a normal party and right click your portrait. You click convert to ops group to create an ops group that can hold up to 24 people. You then need to click your portrait again and set the difficulty, loot threshold, and loot rules. Once these are set, you invite the players you need and run into the instance (no queuing required).

If you're interested in Nightmare, you should find a difficulty breakdown on Dulfy's website or on to make sure you're ready for each instance.
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