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Hmmm, not sure about Iblis - we haven't got a great deal of info on his powerbase. However it would be cool to have two 'space forces' battle it out - although I can't think who... (preferably drawing away from the less well known post-ROTJ)

Query: The Shadow Collective....?

EDIT: For a space battle, how does Darth Nihilus and his fleet sound? No planets would be involved for obvious reasons.

Or perhaps Darth Sion? And his shadow assassins? (as a ground battle)
Well Iblis had his own private army, but I can't remember what it was comprised of.

The Shadow Collective would be interesting, but I don't remember seeing any sort of fleet. So it would have to be some sort of ground battle. But who to face? Kota's militia may be a good choice, but there may be someone else better suited for it (I'll think on it).

We could always combine Nihilus and Sion's forces. Obviously exclude Nihilus' om nom () ability.
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