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02.20.2013 , 12:49 PM | #1193
Things I don't understand:

1) so repair bills are still high until next tuesday when the next maintenance happens?

2) repair costs used to be based on the shell value and not the mods/enh/arm. then it got changed/fixed/corrected/whatever to be the shells and the mods and the prices went waaaaaaaaaaay up. seemingly that means the mods/enh/arm caused the masive increase. wouldn't backing out the shell from where it is now just be a very low decrease?? you'd just be subtracting what the old repair costs were from what the new repair costs are to get an adjusted repair cost.....this won't satisfy people. i guess that is why they are doing the 50% off that as well.

perhaps I have both of these things way wrong. can anyone shed light on these subjects?