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02.20.2013 , 12:20 PM | #41
I did this 7 time last week between SM and HM on a couple different toons. Every toon I brought to a group was at least close to full 61 and has been completely through HM TFB at least once. So take my opinion for what it's worth.

The OP talked about Story Mode. A 16 man group of fresh 50s with the free gear can do this. There are videos of 8 man teams doing 16 man mode. I've completed it with 10 (3 pugs). Story mode is there so content can be accessible to a larger amount of people and I think they did a good job with that.

Some people talked about HM version. This one I can see asking for a min gear requirement (beyond any level 50 gear) especially from tanks and healers. Tanks get hit hard and healer need to work to keep up. DPS I can see being less strict on as most 16 man groups will have 10-11 DPSer. But even with it being harder I was a part of completing twice with a group of 9+ pugs. Both time we wiped twice and killed it on the 3rd go. I also wiped 10 times in a different group before it got called off. So asking for a level of gear that makes the organizer comfortable is quite understandable. And the hazmat gear that drops from here are the highest ranked PvE gear in the game (even if some of the pieces are itemized poorly).

Now if you donít like how someone else is running a group, then by all means put one together yourself. I know after seeing it last week multiple time Iíll probably be throwing together a couple of groups this time around so I can make sure to get all my desired runs in this week.