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Actually Garm was outnumbered in one engagement to begin with, and managed to get his forces out of there successfully.

TBH if Thrawn had been around when the Vong were starting their rampage, the NJO series would have been at most 3 books, where Thrawn ends up doing a savage beatdown. Thrawn and Luke Skywalker on the same side, the Vong wouldn't have stood a chance.
I believe Palpatine was preparing for the Vong invasion. Besides having Thrawn pacify the Unknown Regions (which he did), Palpatine had sent him to find the Vong. So he was looking for them.

IMO, the Empire would have crushed the Vong. SSD's that can destroy a ship with a single shot, the Death Star, the Galaxy Gun, an unlimited army, Thrawn, and Palpatine himself would be more than enough to crush the Vong.

But had Thrawn survived, or been with the New Republic, the Vong wouldn't stand a chance. Putting Luke and Rogue Squadron under the command of Thrawn? Yeah, no way the Vong would get anywhere.

Edit: How about Garm Bel Iblis and his private militia as a suggestion for the Bonus series? Garm vs. Kota maybe?
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