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Directly speaking about undergeard players that think they are geared enough for Xenoanalyst, I joined in a pug group last night in a 16m HM with my shadow as one of the tanks (Even though you really only need 2 tanks, this group decided to go with 3 so we could have the 3rd tank pick up the adds while the other 2 tanks focused on the tank swaps).

While the group was filling, I noticed that one of the players only had 15.6k hp. After inspecting him, he was wearing a mix of 49 greens, 47 blues and tionese. After questioning them, he said that they were in an earlier team and had no problems. After telling him the reason he had no problems was because he was carried threw the entire thing, he started chastising me and a bunch of others saying they didn't know what they were talking about... Needless to say he was kicked from the group.
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