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Ultimately, people play the game to have fun and the people who own the game run it to make money. Once the game becomes more work than real work to play, most people will opt for other activities. As for myself, being a casual player and a subscriber, the game is starting to become more trouble than it is worth. Endlessly grinding for gear is becoming an exercise in diminishing returns. Also, the gree gear and weapons do not appear to me to be worth the effort? In any case, it remains to be seen if the game is viable in the long term without casual players such as myself.
If gear is not one of your priorities, then why worry about the gree event? The entire reason I am doing it (even doing the PVP section which I loathe) is to get a lightsaber, because it is bound to legacy, meaning I can ship hilts between toons. Those players not around for other events may need the armor and blasters to. However I have those covered.

From my experience, gear is ridiculously easy to get in this game. Besides the Dread Guard Relics, I havenít really grind that much myself and with Section X daily comms reward even that is fast and easy to accomplish. I have 4 toons at level 50 and all 4 are Campaign/Black Hole geared or better, only one is in a progression team which is a sawbones. That may be the difference; Tanks and Healers may have an easier job gearing up alts and less of a grind, because they can actually get into Operations, Flashpoints and Events faster than DPS. Funny thing is I did 8-man SM Xeno and HM Xeno last week, and neither was on my main sawbones, but she was the reason my sentinel and shadow were geared well enough to go.

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My marauder has over 1700 strength, one campaign armoring and the rest rakata, columi MH, BH OH, BH implants and DG relics. Seriously?
The columi hilt would concern some in HM, sure that would cause some to take a second look at the rest of your gear. Did they have other marauders? If they didnít have at least few others, I would have fought for you for no other reason than Bloodthirst during the core phase.