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Your feedback is important to us,
Does this mean that we will see more development responses to the requests in the Cartel maket, the questions about what ROTH will bring in, news on the SSSP or even the direction of the game.

On the whole the only development team responses we get is when something is broken such as the login server, after the development team have changed something and either broken it or clearly not tested it enough such as the change to repair costs or 2 days prior to the launch when its all a little too late and rushed such as Patch 1.7

There seems to be very little direction and less communication with the playerbase. When are we going to see the game progress and the galaxy make some meaningful leaps forward other than a couple of text based quests. Where is the continuation of the class stories and where is the galactic war that should be raging. Instead it seems we are exploring the gree and fighting the Dread Masters who should you ask why they are doing this the response is who knows! Great writting there really made the conflict come alive.