Thread: Jugger or PT ??
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02.20.2013 , 09:11 AM | #3
Thx alot... i was looking at the skills and talents tree, and the jugg look realy better, he has the shieldwhen use the shout "screen" invencible, saber ward, passive def increase talents, and the oneon the midle tree whos bring me 20% mitigation everytime i did a jump..

i was at first more inclined to go as a PT... buti didnt see mutch talents or skills that give more survivabilit, like def/armor increase, shields, damage absortion or mitigation, it is more like he get some area damage and effects for area control.. is im wrong???

and why did you say he gets more passive survivabilit??? he gets more armor??

and about all the tankers, is the shadow/assasin the one with less survivabilit and focus fire mitigation??