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Back on topic, it seems like the posts here are slowing down. Have so many given up and left? Or stopped caring and gone back to playing and just dealing with it?

Me, I have ~24 days left on my now cancelled sub, hoping EA pipes up and says something, yet not daring to hope they'll fix it.
I dropped my sub as well. It's probably a combination of events slowing posts down. People have said all they can, now it's more about reporting their experiences in game and how its affected them which is great as it gives developers more to work with, if they are paying attention.. It's also probably a feeling disgust and anger with Bio refusing to say a single thing. I am guessing that sometime very soon they will announce a patch and there will be an adjustment of sorts and with that a large portion will be happy and satisfied. I like this game, it's just I've never seen such an apathetic company like this. Maybe it's their business model and I just don't understand it's intent.
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