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Kind of off topic, but since talk was made of Juggs and threat generation....
My tank-mate in my Ops team is a Jugg. The problem started a couple weeks ago, where all of a sudden he couldn't keep threat. No gear changes... either on his part, or the DPS. Just all of a sudden.... Threat issues.
After about a week he dropped a ticket with CS. They eventually got back with him and said that during one of the runs, he popped Enraged Defense just before he died. And supposedly what happened was that it stuck and continued to effect him all this time. The CSR had him log out so they could "reset" his character and log back in.
Had it been a PUG or anybody else but my battle-buddy, I woulda called BS.
Sure as ****.... He's like super glue again. Anyone else heard any craziness like this?
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