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02.20.2013 , 08:18 AM | #132
Meh. Nothing is ever as good as when you first discovered it. My first MMO was LOTRO, shortly after it launched. It was amazing to me, I'd never experienced any game like it. I loved that there were tons of other players, I loved the ongoing persistent world feel.

5 years later, and I've played quite a few MMOs in the interim. None have captured what LOTRO was for me when I first logged in, because nothing could have been my first MMO experience again. It's the same with other things in life: I play music a lot, and I really enjoy it. I'm not a professional musician, I'm a hobbyist that plays in a couple local bands and plays gigs once or twice a month. I still enjoy it, but it is NOTHING like the first time I got to do it.

People look at things in the past through rose colored glasses. Perhaps their first time playing UO or some of the older MMOs they were teenagers or younger, they discovered something completely new to them and it made them very happy. But a lot of that isn't the GAME that people remember fondly, it's that NEW experience and perhaps pleasant reminiscing about a very nice time in their lives.