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Shame that some tanks have no idea how to review who needs the guard. If all the tanks in the world would be perfect I'd understand this thread completely. However, too often the guard is the wrong player and that is in no way a personal insult to tanks who know what they are doing. In fact, it's been my pleasure to play with tanks who can manage not guarding anyone as a challenge. In operations where all the DPS pull 1900-2000 to the operations dummy. No guard. All went well.

Still, it's just a click or a button away to guard someone properly. It's not rocket science but some still miss it completely. I am happy that some tanks actually know what an aggro table is and what actually matters. I am even happier when these tanks have the uncanny ability to inspect players and recognize if the DPS has an optimized itemization. As a side note: I like it even more when DPSes pay enough attention to drop threat at the right time. If you don't know what I mean it's time you do some googling.

You were mistaken, the rant starts now:

Some despicable morons always guard the sentinel, never mind checking the gear of other players. Guard a sentinel with columi gear vs guarding a vanguard or any other class with BiS'ish gear. It suggests that many tanks do not have enough cells in their brains to inspect players and see that someone else can do more damage from melee or even from ranged position to be higher on the aggro table. They do not know that some classes can't drop threat. They do not know vanguard and vanguard's HiB critting to top the three button rotation critting. They always blame others for their own failures while gloating in their hard grinded 61 BH gear, something they could have achieved by learning to play and joining as proper guild in a shorter time.

Picking the one to guard in puggys is not class specific in any way. To top this off, I've seen a vanguard tanking from range. Awesome, really. Gree event and pugging three bosses has opened my eyes to the horror of random suck-*** tanks. Yes, the vanguard Xenoanalyst from range. We did heal everyone else through it. Surprisingly, the tank didn't need that much healing.

All in all, do not demonize asking for guard. Half the time someone asking for guard might be a douche, half the time it might be someone saving you from a wipe or just a good guy wanting to make things smooth. I have more tanks in ignore than any other class. Somehow, low skills of tank are often combined with either good nature and humor, which indicates that tank has a future. Then some other time, when the skills are bad and the tank is a douche, it tells me that tank has no future >>> ignore.