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02.20.2013 , 06:50 AM | #1141
So.. I just did Xeno II yesterday... 2 wipes, brought him down the 3rd time.

People kept leaving.. Some after the first wipe, some the second, some when they saw there were group members with only tionese or who were doing it for the first time... We spent so much time trying to get people to replace the ones leaving

Anyway as for repair costs 2 wipes 23k credits.... now this is more than before the bug fix bot not an insane amount per wipe like i was seeing before, and I have not changed a thing in my gear.

Anyone else experiencing this or is it just me? Have they implemented any stealth partial fix maybe?

Im wearing ALL oranges with 60% BH 40% columi

Chest is lvl 50 orange, Pants is Alderaan social, gloves, boots etc are of various levels.
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