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We have practiced and cleared it with two different tactics, allow me to explain them briefly:

1. Massive AoE, slow burst
Simple tactic, maintank puts guard on offtank, offtanks stands at safespot with one or two DPS and taunt/saber throw/force pull/grapple) the warriors and burst them two quickly. As the offtank has guard he will not get aggro from the cutters, they will have aggro on the maintank that, along with the rest of the DPS position themselves behind the walker. Here you just burst two pack for pack, massive healing will be needed on maintank. Also be a little easy on the AoE in start so maintank can grab aggro as well as hold it, don't waste that AoE Taunt.

I have done both roles and will explain it from a tanking perspective, if you are on warrior duty, move away from the walker before he goes up, taunt the first warrior and use forcepull/grapple/saberthrow on the 2nd one to get aggro. Use whatever AoE you have to keep aggro but don't use AoE taunt, at the same time your DPS:ers burst down the first warrior and then the 2nd one. Be aware of the fire AoE on ground and move out of it before it hits you. Use taunt on 2nd pack and then use some single target attack on the 2nd one to get aggro, as soon as you have both use AoE again to keep aggro, here you can use your AoE Taunt if you have trouble keeping aggro. Move to the 3rd spawn location and taunt the first warrior again, and use forcepull/grapple/saberthrow on the 2nd one, use a cooldown here since you will take massive damage if the warriors hasn't been killed. Also note that you should still be in range of your healers, don't run to far away from them.

2. Slow AoE, Fast Burst
A bit more simple tactic, burst down the warriors with all DPS/tanks, maintank grabbs aggro of cutters and hold them on spawn position while one AoE finish them down (AoE can be Death from Above or Orbital Strike). Offtank moves to 2nd spawn position (very helpful if this is an assassin/shadow), use force shroud, some basic AoE and kill off the warriors, another AoE should be put down here when the adds are dead. First pack needs to be dead before force shroud runs out so both healers can focus on tank on 2nd spawn. Maintank then moves to third spawn point and gets aggro form these adds while the 2nd pack is dying, give the maintank some time to get aggro and get everyone topped. When maintank feels safe kill off the adds in the third pack, start with the warriors and get them down quickly.

In both tactics, the offtank uses taunt on one cutter and takes on out of the last group and then everyone kills the rest of those but save the one that is pulled out. This is made to make sure that you can get everyone ressed/healed up and if needed, get some cooldowns back since the next phase wont start until all the cutters are deead.

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