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Back in the day when MMOs were still pretty new, I got into Everquest and it seemed amazing. The world was huge and had tons of places to explore. There were endless things to do. When you got to endgame, you actually felt powerful, like you had accomplished something. I would print out spell lists and maps and had them organized in a big folder super-geeky style. I took that game as srs bsns.

This thread is not to bag on SWToR or how to talk about how other games are better. I am here to ask you guys what you think is missing. I know that there are a lot of you who were blown away by Everquest or (insert your first big MMO here). What did they have that brought that sense of amazement?

Was it that we were new to it? Are we just burned out and jaded? Maybe even OLD and jaded? Is there anything that could be brought to SWToR to being a sense of wow (no pun intended) and amazement?
I spent 8 years playing Everquest 2, same thought's like you and I would love those's type of mmo's to come back,but then EQ,EQ2,WoW have all been out for over 8-9 years and EQ is what 14 years old this year ? they all have built up there foundations over that time and current ones today don't get that chance they have to hit the floor running and trip up now and then.
For me i have been looking for last few years for a EQ2 replacement and TBH still not found one ,but I don't think I ever will, so will have to make do with what there is so I play SWTOR get bored after a period of time then swap to another MMO (GW2,TSW,LOTRO) then come back to SWTOR rinse & repeat every 6 months or so,all this is mainly down to lack of content and very long play times I do each day.

But I have to say I enjoy SWTOR a lot even with all the bugs and foul mouthed youngsters in Gen chat
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