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Snips for the sake of rereading, regarding pick up groups.

Quote: Originally Posted by slafko View Post
I always ask and I rarely get an answer. When I do get it, it's not really straightforward and truthful.

What I'm saying is - even if you ask, there's no guarantee you'll be getting an honest answer.
Ran into a similar situation yesterday during a Direct 7 HM. On more than one occasion someone pulled aggro from a mob in which I had to quickly run back to grab aggro and keep the person from dying.

Once we arrived to Bulwark, I asked specifically in group chat. "Does everyone know what to do here"? It took roughly seven seconds before I received a single response. I thought to myself, if we wipe, I'm done. I specifically asked, so it's on the other two if they fail to do their part.

Keep in mind, there's nothing hard in that room, but for someone that does not understand, it can, and often will be, a very long and tedious sequence. We did beat it, and once we arrived to the final Boss, we had no issues, so the group did know what they were doing.

In short:
Communication in pick up groups is minimal as it is. This "bug fix" is widening an already existing gap among players due to exponentially higher repair costs. Cause and effect quickly comes to mind.
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