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I play ranked on my merc regularly. We do great damage sure but what the problems with the specs are is we don't provide anything else to a team other than dps that on a good day can only just compete with other classes.
When puting together a team choice between arsenal and a sniper, I would pick the sniper because they have more survivability and more useful aoe.
As pyro merc we are just a squishy power tech without flame burst and taunts so the PT gets the spot to make the better team.
As a long time merc player (mainly pyro though) I have always found that more then two tracer missiles used together is a bad thing and causes to much stationary time.
Unload is your biggest damage dealer that is your priority proc or no proc use it.
Tracer x2
Explosive dart
Unload (if possible)
Unload (if possible)
Then followed by whichever instant ability lights up first with tracer used as fillers.
You have the best knock back as arsenal and a root also a great slow so peel of your healers.
Pyro guide is in another thread "how do you make pyro work"
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