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02.20.2013 , 05:00 AM | #125
I would never play swtor if i have read forums before I buy it. I played it on beta to try it then I bought it.
Internet is full of comments which dont even have scrap of logic.
These comments were written by people hired by companies to start a flame then you see people just copy paste them and spread them without thinking on it.
One of them ( and the most hilarious and common one of them ) is "swtor is a wow."
This is simply like saying "mercedes is a bmw" or saying "Call of Duty is a Doom clone"
Swtor and wow is same genre ( mmo-RPG ) . There were games just like wow before wow released and yes some of them were MMO-RPG.
Being same genre doesnt make them equal.
Swtor has totaly different class , level design , totaly different environment , story. Different approaches on leveling , pvp , pve ... If you cant realize them - just forget the small details which makes the swtor wonderful - you dont really have an idea about RPG genre.

Swtor makes me wonderous.
It has beatiful environment design , small details. It makes me wonderous from npcs that having conversation instead of npcs standing still like a log to feeling of exploring a datacrone.