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Our guild currently dies a lot in the Kephess NM encounter. We are having issues with the second phase (3 x 2 Warriors and their adds). I've read several guides and watched some videos, while each of them do this very differently. Most of the guides just state: "find your own tactic" so i'ld like you to ask to post your best-pratice here.

Our standard setup is:
1 Guardian - Tank
1 Shadow - Tank
1 Scoundrel - Heal
1 Sage - Heal
2 Gunslinger - DD
2 Sentinel - DD

Sometimes we have a Commando instead of a Gunslinger or a Guardian instead of a Sentinel.

What we tried the last time was
The shadow spots the warriors and pulls them away from the group, while the group is AOEd or focused to death behind the warrior. Usually one warrior of the second group could not be spotted and we wipe. I saw some tactics where the sentinels take the warriors.