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Sorry champ. Those droids pull on stealth at 25 meters. Anybody who wants to can verify this. There's one in the first room of Hammer station.

Juggs marauders, sins and powertechs don't have droid CC at 22, mercs don't have any CC at 16. Anyone can confirm this.

Heals don't pull dormant mobs. Anyone can verify this.

And mercs spam the gun so they can heal better, not "for no reason." Any merc healer can verify this.

You wiped a group, were a jerk to them, blamed them on the forums, got kicked, and got exactly nothing right in terms of what they could have been doing wrong and everything wrong in terms of why it couldn't have been your fault.

DPS were Merc and Sorc, both had CC. How was I a jerk to them? Where did you even get that from? After the first wipe I asked the healer to stay behind me politely. He start getting all cyber thuggish on me and super defensive. I know for a fact that he pulled the mob. I'm sorry for whatever reason you feel the need to give me ****. Cheers indeed.