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Operative: I never used Doc Lokin or Scorpio, although I do like them, they don't fit my playing style. Ensign Temple is my wife, together we kick some serious kabootey.

Powertech: I never used Skadge. I just don't like the guy, didn't even want him on my ship. Mako's the way to go for me as a tank and when I need DPS, Torian is my man. I do like to play with Gault from time to time (just switch gear with Mako) to listen to his cool comments while burning down mobs.

Sentinel: I don't have all companions atm but I'm using Doc before Kira. I will most definitely test Scourge, mainly because I want to know his story.

Gunslinger: Same as Sentinel. Corso is my partner in crime atm, but I usually PvP with my GS. (Currently @L38 and still need to start Tatooine :-s)
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