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The tank in my guild is in full DG and has a 30k-40k repair bill after 2 whipes. Are you a tank in full DG?
I am a tank in full DG and am looking at about 30k for two wipes.

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1. why do the new players have to speak up, can't we ask?
I always ask and I rarely get an answer. When I do get it, it's not really straightforward and truthful. Loaded random TFE with my BH Vanguard tank yesterday. Got a random guild group that was missing a tank. Since they weren't sporting 20k+ health I asked if everyone was familiar with the FP or were they new and inexperienced. Replies were slow but they said they were fine.

One fell down on the jump. Sentinel told me his CC doesn't work on champion droids. Then he got killed by that Trandoshan's boss AoE. None of them used CC or followed the kill order. I had to ask them to follow weak-to-strong kill order twice; not much effect. I even marked targets to be CC'd and after persuading the sent to even try to use his on a champ droid, the guy leapt in and broke his own marked CC.

What I'm saying is - even if you ask, there's no guarantee you'll be getting an honest answer.

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2. That is the price of admission for the gear you will get out of it. If you can charge millions of credits over and over for crafting, you have to have a cost to obtain that schematic.
Don't know what server you play on but crafters on The Red Eclipse do not ask for a fee; primarily because of one guild. The players love it and it's really easy to cover your expenses by selling crits. The only two instances when a fee is asked are the DG earpieces/implants and relics.

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And for he record, I only have one level 50. I do stuff with my guildmates should they need a level 50 tank, which is often. I don't do anything but weeklies and still have enough money to spend frivolously. I was around for beta and the repair costs are now in line with the costs during beta.
It amazes me how people still think that this is a valid argument in defending current repair costs.