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There's a reason my Consular is "Alylia the Honorable" and not "Alylia the Pure." Some of the answers you can give as a Lightsider fall into the "Good is not Nice" category. I've also done a handful of Dark Side actions. I still balance out at high Light, but there are a couple of headless Sith that did not take the offer of arrest, a couple dead traitors, and some questionable scientific research salvaged instead of burnt.

Mind you, the "Good is not nice" options are usually the only way to get anywhere with Zenith. Some of them are great ways to score points with Qyzen, especially if it means destroying someone dangerous who will kill again. Tharan believes knowledge is morally neutral, even if the methods to get the knowledge were distasteful, so he will approve of you taking the notes for a WMD and delivering them to the Republic instead of destroying the weapons and the notes.

Felix and Nadia are the guys to watch. They're impossible to influence if you're Dark Side, but all but eat out of your hand if you're light-sided and Republic-loyal.
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