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I have a good set of individuals in my guild that will assist me in this endeavor even if it provides poor results. We're hoping for the best but I won't have to worry about not being able to get on a team thankfully.
This is truly a worthy endeavor. I've been playing a arsenal merc since day 1. Granted I have my bad days in pvp, but I also have my good days. Situational awareness is very key for Mercs. Save your defensive cool downs if a melee jumps on top of ya. Stick to the edge of combat, I usually try to find something I can LoS around. I'm not full elite, but full War hero and if you play smart, you can definitely do some major dmg to people. Lately, my rotation as arsenal has been the following.

Tracer Missile x3 (Unload on barrage proc), explosive dart, heatseeker, and then railshot. I use the explosive dart there because it will go off by the time I use railshot. The end result is mass quick dmg burst which probably sends my target into a panic, due to the major loss of hp. I also have power shot and missile blast on hand. Powershot if tracer is locked. Missile blast because if a melee is on you, you need to be putting distance between you and them; missile blast is instant, use it sparingly, but it does enough dmg that it may help you survive.

I also pick my targets in this order: light armor, medium, and lastly heavy armor. I usually single out healers, mainly cause if I start putting the pressure on them, then their heals aren't reaching their teammates.

Huttball tips: 1st off your not a ball carrier, if someone throws the ball to you it better be cause your in the In-zone. Otherwise they just painted a pretty big bullseye on your back that says "free kill". I switch to my healing stance when my team has the ball, spamming rapid shots on the carrier for heals and I also have my cleanse on standbye. 2nd, while on the defensive, I try to stick to the catwalks focus firing down healers and the enemy carrier.

Civil War: I love hanging on the balconies around the middle cannon, stick to the edges of the raised platforms on the side cannons in case you need to LoS.

Voidstar: You are a AoE machine, sweeping blasters, explosive dart, DFA, Fusion Missile. Utilize these while defending. Use terrain for LoS.

Hypergate: The bunker is your playground, Use the cube in the middle of the room for LoS. Pick off healers as always.

Obviously pocket heals are always nice, but in most cases I'm working alone so have your healing abilities on standbye as well as a good med pack.