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02.20.2013 , 12:51 AM | #122
Ahhh... The good old days. WoW was my first (oh that sounds kinky) and it was just like everyone explained it. I agree that there is the factor of, once you do something for the first time you can never do it again for the first time, but SW:TOR actually rekindled that for me. Unfortunately, it only lasted through Korriban and DK (and any time I had to go back to those two while leveling). Balmorra, Hoth, and Alderran had a wow factor too brought about by the stunning landscapes, but unfortunately everything else was lackluster, and with the nonexistent endgame...well it's game over. I still haven't given up hope that the new xpack might bring back some of this, but it is a slim hope.
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