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Ultimately, people play the game to have fun and the people who own the game run it to make money. Once the game becomes more work than real work to play, most people will opt for other activities. As for myself, being a casual player and a subscriber, the game is starting to become more trouble than it is worth. Endlessly grinding for gear is becoming an exercise in diminishing returns. Also, the gree gear and weapons do not appear to me to be worth the effort? In any case, it remains to be seen if the game is viable in the long term without casual players such as myself.
These types of statements sadden me. While it is any players right to decide when the game is not worth the money or time when posted in a discussion such as this it send the following message:

"Well fine if that's the way its gonna be I'm gonna take my ball and go home."

Yes, the game needs casuals to survive but coddle-ling to the demands of under geared players who are effectively asking someone else to use the fruits of their labor (IE: Gear or Knowledge) to compensate for their lack there of would create a social standard in which instant gratification is the norm and hard work is not rewarded. That's not the type of game that SHOULD survive.

On a related but side note, My Mother-in-Law plays this game and is a member of one of my raid groups. She isn't the best and sometimes is slow to pick up on things but we accept that about her because shes fun to raid with. If you are a pug I do not have that connection to fall on when you aren't appropriate for the task so the answer is no. If my 55+ Years old mother-in-law can get 63 gear then anyone can.
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