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1. why do the new players have to speak up, can't we ask?

2. That is the price of admission for the gear you will get out of it. If you can charge millions of credits over and over for crafting, you have to have a cost to obtain that schematic.

3. If you do something extensively, that would make you a hardcore player. And you should reconsider if that is all you do, it would be so much cheaper to buy the weekly passes than pay EA $15 a month.

And for he record, I only have one level 50. I do stuff with my guildmates should they need a level 50 tank, which is often. I don't do anything but weeklies and still have enough money to spend frivolously. I was around for beta and the repair costs are now in line with the costs during beta.
1. The point is it doesn't matter if he says it or you ask, it won't be admitted for fear of being booted regardless who initiates the conversation. I know you have been playing since beta and can spend money frivolously but not all play styles can hence the 1,100 posts here. As you can read in multiple posts, it's already happening with people leaving groups as they are going broke in repairs due to multiple wipes.

2. This is the price of admission, really? So what was the price before? I know you have been playing since beta and you do your weeklies along with helping others but many for some reason are annoyed that there is now a cost for "admission". Before this price most if not all were happy to grind for gear and credits for something extra on the market. It was an option, a choice. Regardless the entire game was accessible. But if we didn't grind it was ok we could still do flashpoint, raids, etc. Now, in order to access what we enjoy we must grind. You see it's no longer an option but a consuming grind that takes from our already limited time to be able to play. And yes maybe it is in line with what it was way back when cost wise. So, when they reduced it I bet you were first to complain, I will look for your post on the forums later. I apologize for poking like that but all joking aside there are a ton of bugs to fix and they choose to "correct" one that no one is complaining about and did no harm, now this fix is actually harming game play as people are stating through experience in the game.
3. I do space missions extensively so now I'm a hardcore player *nods* cool. Thank you for defining hardcore for the gaming community like that. Maybe its a hybrid "hardcore/casual" thing

This thread is not about any one person, you have no problem with the increased cost I'm ok with that. But it's clear that a great many do. I would hope you can respect that. This fix has hurt the game yet Bio says nothing. Over a 100 pages of posts and Bio says nothing. People are asking/begging/pleading for an explanation and Bio says nothing. A week has passed and Bio says nothing, Subs are being cancelled and Bio says nothing.

If Bio was to push back the cost it wouldn't bother you one bit just some more credits in your pocket. But it would help a fairly large group of gamers here to enjoy the entire scope of the game again. These people are not posting because they hate the game, they enjoy it and want to play.

And that's what this thread is about.
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