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You also have to take in consideration that the next guy who joins waste a minute of his time in the queue quitting, keep in mind that if 10 more people do the exact same by joining and quiting after him in the same match, that's wasting 1 minute of 10 peoples time. Just to keep in mind.
In the worst assessment, that means we would have equal positive and negative utility. The leaver saved himself from 10 minutes of frustration, but at the cost of 10 other players wasting 1 minute each.

1 player * 10 minutes of annoyance = 10 units of annoyance
10 players * 1 minute of annoyance = 10 units of annoyance

But we still might be able to get a positive utility calculation! This depends on how annoyed/frustrated the first leaver would have been by staying those 10 extra minutes, and how annoyed/frustrated each subsequent newcomer is by wasting their minute of time.

Wasted time annoyance might be cumulative, such that in the first minute he experiences 1 unit of annoyance, then 1.5 in the second minute, 2 in the third, and so on until the end. Maybe the progression isn't linear, but you get the idea. Under that model, the newcomers would only derive 1 unit of annoyance for that first wasted minute. This tips the scale back towards the first leaver.

10 minutes of annoyance = (1 + 1.5 + 2 + 2.5 ... + 5.5) units of annoyance = 32.5 units of annoyance
10 players * 1 minute of annoyance = 10 units of annoyance

At least from the perspective of 1 Leaver vs. 10 Newcomers, the balance is probably on the side of the leaver.

We can still make it trickier by taking into account the players that did NOT choose to leave. And the question remains, how much disutility do we cause them by leaving? It turns out that answer is a tough one. Some of them might just say "good riddance" with you gone, generating no additional disutility. Others might be genuinely annoyed at leavers for moral reasons, which would add some unhappiness to the balance. Still others might be frustrated, but no more frustrated than if you had stayed and played to a blowout loss. I suspect that the annoyance that they feel at losing isn't much less or more than the annoyance they feel by an early leaver, but it's up for argument. (Of course,there is also the enemy team to consider, but there is something nonsensical about considering their utility; we are going to just leave it out).

So adding additional players into the equation complicates the matter (but it's still an interesting line of inquiry). We are still left with no clear cut answer.

I agree that it is a very interesting topic that is worth discussing. My suspicion is that there MIGHT BE some ethical answer that gives a very reasonable argument as to why we shouldn't leave WZs. And we might be able to find it! At least from a strict utility calculus, however, it is a very tricky problem that probably doesn't produce a compelling argument to stay in losing pug WZs.
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