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02.20.2013 , 12:11 AM | #15
People who are willing to leave wz's early are often solo queued and are looking for the best way to have a good time in tor, so they don't particularly care about the effect that it has on another person. That's also why so many pugs are dps, it's just more fun to kill (even if they are horrid at it ) than to kite while keeping other people alive. I don't particularly care about people saying that they're going to leave warzones because it's to better their own experience because there isn't really an argument that can be made that their overall experience will be worsened by them leaving. What I do dislike is that they will gladly say that they are leaving a wz because their team is too bad, but they never mention that they are going to requeue in the hopes of finding a team that will carry them.