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You may have missed the multiple posts in which I state that repair costs should be based on item mods and not the shell, and that this needs to be fixed.
I personally don't care what are their internal calculations based on, they can use char level or a random roll for all I care - its the resulting sum which matters. Currently its way too high, which affects my gameplay, as I'm forced to do the content I do not like, and restrcits me from doing those parts of the game I enjoy. If it stays like that, I'll loose interest fast, unsub and quit - and its not really some angry rant, just a fact.

And you know what, if a significant portion of us casual gamers quits, all of you dedicated gamers will whine how the game is underpopulated, economy is dead etc etc. And seriously, its not like we're asking to simplify some of the game aspects, but return everything to the state which worked perfectly for everyone in the past months - I don't remember anyone complaining how the repair costs are too low and should be adjusted, while I know plenty of bugs we're are asking to fix since release and nobody cares. And yup, I did play the game on release, and absurd repair costs was one of the reasons are originally quit.
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